Debt collection in Poland

Conducting cross-border business involves a greater risk of non-payment from the contractor than in the case of domestic transactions. Since joining the European Union debt collection in Poland for foreign enterprises becomes more and more important. This is due to the constant increase in the number of transactions carried out by Polish entrepreneurs with foreign companies. The Maciej Mierecki law firm’s services are the answer to this demand.

Unpaid invoice in Poland

Debt collection in Poland results most often from an unpaid invoice issued for the supply of goods or services. Such types of disputes are of an economic nature and are resolved by commercial divisions of the district and regional courts.

Debt collection in Poland – methods

There are two methods of debt collection:

  • amicable (extrajudicial) and,
  • judicial debt collection.

In some cases it could be more favorable for the creditor to amicably resolve dispute with his debtor. Generally, amicable resolution of the dispute is much faster and cheaper. It may also be more advantageous due to the willingness to continue business cooperation with the debtor.

If one of the parties is not willing to resolve the dispute amicably, the case should be taken to court.

Cross-border litigations

In case of cross-border litigations it is important to verify the law of which State is applicable and the court of which State is competent to resolve the dispute. Such verifications is simplified in in relation to transactions between EU entities due to the existence of EU regulations resolving these issues.

Debt collection in Poland – on-line hearings

The civil procedure provides for the possibility of conducting remote hearings via remote means of communication. This is an important convenience. It enables the Maciej Mierecki law firm to conduct proceedings from all over Poland, not only from Cracow. On the other hand it also enables to listen to a witness from abroad. The hearing of a witness from abroad may also be conducted in writing.

The above facilities also allow us to effectively conduct court cases for foreign clients.

Law firm in Cracow, Poland

Debt collection in Poland is not the easiest thing, especially when the dispute is cross-border. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the management of your case to an attorney-at-law with experience in handling this type of cases.

I am able to provide you with the necessary support in commercial disputes with contractors from Poland. If you are interested in our law firm’s services, please contact us by writing to e-mail: It is possible to arrange consultations by phone, via Microsoft Teams, or in person. Contact details can be found in the „Contact” tab and in the footer of the website.

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