Establishing company in Poland

Establishing company in Poland by foreigners is legally allowed and quite frequent. In most cases foreign clients choose to establish a limited liability company in Poland. This is due to the simplicity of this legal form and the legal security it provides to the shareholders. For those reasons limited liability company is by far the most popular of all companies in Poland.

Establishing company in Poland online

Registration proceedings are conducted via two electronic platforms – PRS and s24.

In case of s24 platform all the process may be done electronically but the articles of association are simplified and cannot be modified freely before registration. Despite this, most foreign clients choose this method of establishing company in Poland. It should be noted that this method requires clients to have qualified electronic signatures or a trusted Polish signature.

In the case of the PRS platform, the articles of association may be shaped freely. However, they must be concluded before a notary which requires physical presence of shareholders or their proxy. On the other hand, this method does not require customers to have any electronic signatures. Documents may be signed traditionally, by hand.

In case of foreigners the Maciej Mierecki law firm conduct meetings and organize the process remotely. This means that clients does not need to visit Poland unless they choose to conclude articles of associations in person before a notary.

Establishing a limited liability company in Poland – costs

Cost of registering a limited liability company different from registration mode. In the case of minimum share capital (PLN 5,000), the fee costs are approximately:

  • PLN 400 – in the case of the s24 system,
  • PLN 1,000 – in the case of the PRS system.

In addition to the fees, in both cases, the shareholders are obliged to contribute the share capital, which cannot be less than PLN 5,000. Additionally, the law firm’s remuneration should be taken into account, which is determined individually depending on the complexity of the legal services.

How long does it take to set up a limited liability company?

In the case of registration via S24, the registration application may be processed within 24-48 hours. In practice, this time is usually extended to several days. Of course, submitting the application itself is preceded by the preparation of appropriate documents.

Registration of a company by PRS takes longer. This time usually ranges from several days to several weeks. Much depends on how busy the registry court in a given city is.

Establishing company in Poland – other duties

Registration of a limited liability company is only half way. In addition to the registration itself, the newly established Company is obliged to:

  • pay tax on civil law transactions on the concluded partnership agreement,
  • report the beneficial owner to the AML register,
  • register the company for VAT purposes,
  • register the company with the tax office.

As you can see, registering a company involves fulfilling various legal obligations. Therefore, it is worth entrusting it to a professional attorney who will help the client meet all legal and tax requirements.

Law firm in Cracow, Poland

The Maciej Mierecki Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services in the process of establishing companies, both using the PRS and the S24 portals.

If you are interested in the law firm’s services, please contact me by phone or by writing to e-mail: It is possible to arrange consultations by phone, via Microsoft Teams, or in person. Contact details can be found in the „Contact” tab and in the footer of the website.

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